Patch notes

October 25

  • Town halls will no longer grant free workers past 200 supply
  • Killing your own workers will no longer trigger automatic worker production (in case you want to free up supply)


October 20

  • Fixed an issue where zerg resources were overspent and displayed inaccurately.


October 19

  • Auto Walls should now correctly keep out fast units such as zerglings and reapers.
  • Overlords now rally to the global zerg flyer rally point.
  • Town halls now automatically train replacements for workers that are killed.
  • Fixed an issue where additional nukes could not be armed.
  • Fixed an issue where the global hive hotkey wouldn’t issue orders.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause your displayed resources to be inaccurate.


October 18 - Balance Patch 1

Welcome to our first balance patch. From the get-go we fully expected our changes to cause major balance issues and without a large playerbase to test them on prior to launch, we put the game out knowing full well we'd have to make some rapid changes once glaring issues came to light. Thankfully, its very easy and quick to make balance changes to a mod and it can literally be done in minutes. Our strategy, is constant updates and iteration. Balancing rapidly and in small quantities to find a good equilibrium.

Axiom is first and foremost a mod for casual players. Balance is not the #1 priority as it is not a tournament game. That doesn't mean we're ignoring balance though and we will attempt to find a place where our design philosophies can remain well represented, without completely breaking the game to the point where large numbers of units end up being obsolete. 

So the major issue with doubling everyones HP is that melee units become stronger than they were. You can't really kill them before they get into range reliably, so units like Zealots in particular were very hard to stop early game and while it's great that they're a strong, core army unit for Protoss, they were far outstripping other gateway units. Our initial response to that has to been to apply a 20% nerf to their overall hitpoints. We'll see where it goes from there and make further adjustments as necessary.

The HP increase also meant that some splash units had a major reduction in effectiveness, specifically, splash units that don't constantly fire. AOE works very well in Axiom due to longer fights, meaning less overkill and more effective damage efficiency over time. However, units such as Banelings which sacrifice themselves to attack and widow-mines which only attack once and then have a long cooldown, have ended up being very ineffective. To deal with this, we've increased Banelings damage significantly. They will not one-shot worker lines but they will now once again one-shot unupgraded Zerglings, ensuring that ZvZ has more choices early game. We spread the extra damage out over regular and +light, which should make Banelings a more cost-effective choice against a wider variety of units again. We've also doubled their building damage to ensure that busting remains a viable strategy. With that in mind we've also given Ravagers a buff to their corrosive bile vs buildings, to allow for Ravagers to break the ramps as effectively as they used to.

Lastly we've given the Oracle a little love. This is a difficult unit because an Oracle ripping through a mineral line is exactly what we're looking to avoid in Axiom. It's a frustrating thing to deal with. The Oracle is going to be tricky to balance as a result, so we're going to tune it in stages. For the time being, we've increased its damage across the board. We may look into future changes such as energy efficiency later to make it a useful and viable unit without returning it to a state where it wipes out a mineral line in a few seconds if left unattended.

Lastly, the Widow Mine is obviously suffering as a result of HP increases. Since we have longer fights in Axiom, we think that the widow mine can still be a useful support unit without just upping its damage, so we've reduced its cooldown. This means that the widow mine will provide multiple shots worth of damage in an average fight, assuming they are not detected and killed, but they will not devastate a group of units or workers as they used to in a fraction of a second. 

We'll see how these changes play out online and continue to balance the mod going forward. Your feedback on balance is always appreciated and the place to post that is our official subreddit at

  • Fixed an issue were Graviton Catapult Upgrade couldn’t be researched

  • Baneling unit damage increased from 20 (+15 vs light) to 40 (+30 vs light)

  • Baneling building damage increased from 80 to 160

  • Ravager’s corrosive bile damage changed from 60 to 60 (+60 vs buildings)

  • Zealot life decreased from 200 to 160

  • Zealot shields decreased from 100 to 80

  • Oracle’s damage increased from 15 (+10 vs light) to 20 (+15 vs light)

  • Widow Mine attack cooldown reduced from 29 seconds to 18 seconds


October 17

  • Auto-walls can no longer be bypassed or lowered for enemy units

  • Control groups update when unit morphs complete

  • Camera jumps are more intelligent

  • Hotkeys are no longer overwritten

  • Warp Gate charges are now restored properly

  • Queens can be built directly from Hatcheries, Lairs and Hives

  • Automatic Worker production capped at 66

  • Workers will saturate Vespene Geysers more effectively

  • Fixed a spending inconsistency with building Interceptors


October 16

  • Fixed Archon Merge on the Universal Command Bar
  • Fixed morphing structures (ex: Command Center morphs into Orbital) and Terran add-ons
  • When Warp Gate research finishes, Gateways now cancel units in the production queue and morph to a Warp Gate immediately