Axiom Mod for Starcraft 2



Our goal with the Axiom mod was to provide an experience that captured the essence of what makes Starcraft and Real time Strategy so compelling, while taking away barriers such as high actions-per-minute and complex UI. This mod focuses on the 3 core tenets of great RTS gameplay.

  • Build your Dream Base
  • Recruit a powerful army
  • Annihilate your Enemy

It's the kind of game that you can play with someone who is much better or worse than you and still have a great time. This game mode lowers the barrier to entry and allows friends to play with each other without having to be the same skill level. It provides a gateway to competitive play, a version of the game that is visually almost identical to competitive Starcraft 2.

Watching Starcraft is one of the best eSports spectator experiences there is and many viewers would love to play like the pros but simply can’t meet the demanding requirements of the base game. Axiom aims to change all that and let you play a version of competitive Starcraft that is easier to get into, yet gives you access to all of the tools and strategies that a pro-gamer would employ in front of crowds of cheering fans in an arena.

Everyone should be able to enjoy competitive Starcraft. Axiom makes that possible.

Play for Free

 Axiom mod requires only the free Starcraft 2 Starter Edition, which includes the ability to play any Arcade mod for free. Here are some simple instructions to get you started:

  1. Install the Blizzard App.
  2. Download any edition of Starcraft 2, including the free Starter Edition.
  3. Load the game once to ensure everything is working correctly.
  4. From here, there are two ways to start a game of Axiom.
  • Load the game, select Custom > Arcade from the top bar and search Axiom in the search window or select an open game from the list of open custom game lobbies
  • Click the link to the server and map you’d like to play on this site and then launch Starcraft 2. Once the game has loaded it will automatically start an Axiom lobby for you which you can either open to the public or invite a friend.

This site will be regularly updated with server-specific links to launch the mod from outside Starcraft so that it's quick and easy to get a game.

North America




Access every building, unit and research in the game from one, always-available command bar separated into 3 easily accessible tabs. Constructing a building is as simple as clicking the building you want and placing it on the map. A worker no longer needs to be selected, it will be automatically and intelligently chosen and brought to complete the task, returning to mining when the task is completed.

Units will be built out of any and all available production buildings with no need to add new buildings to control groups and research, regardless of which building it's dependent on, is all laid out for you to select without having to search for the correct building on the map.

The Universal Command Bar or UCB lets you handle all of your economy and macro from one place, so you can focus on commanding your armies and fighting battles.



Axiom features the Gameheart production tab which allows players to keep track of everything they're building and researching at all times. Handy completion notifications will also appear when research is about to be completed, providing a reminder that the new tech you ordered is ready for use. You can even move the production tab to a place of your choice.




Organizing your army is now even easier with Global Rally Points. Each race has 3 rally points, one for each unit category which they can place on the map. Any newly built unit in that category will be rallied there. New construction buildings are automatically added to the rally points so you don't have to use control groups for buildings, freeing them up for army control. Simply select a rally point and place it where you'd like your units to muster and any newly built unit will head right there. It even works for warped in Protoss units.

Pay-as-you-go economy



Traditional Starcraft 2 requires you to pay up front for any and all construction. This introduces the concept of "dead money", where units are queued up excessively, causing money to disappear and sit there doing nothing until the unit queue has finally concluded. Axiom works on a real-time income/expenditure economy, in which your income and expenditure are calculated on a second by second basis. This means you can always start construction, regardless of how much money you have.

If you run out of resources during construction, your build times will slow down severely, so make sure you are keeping a close eye on your income and expenditure. The resource tab will warn you when you are spending too much and buildings will pulse yellow and red when they have been slowed down due to lack of resources.



Revamped control groups


Using control group hotkeys to organize your army is key to great army control but can be an obstacle for new players. Axiom revamps the control group system to automatically place units of certain categories into easily accessible control groups. This will allow even novice players to effectively manage their army in multiple squads and access the various different abilities easily without excessive use of the TAB key.

These new control groups are larger and easier to see and now change colour to indicate the overall health of the unit group and pulse red when that unit group is under attack so that you aren't caught by surprise. Those who wish to use their own control groups can simply turn off the automatic control group assignment by right-clicking the category on the Global Rally Point button.

Redesigned supply system



Axiom does away with the concept of a "supply building" (such as supply depot, overlord and pylon). Supply will now be granted by the construction of primary buildings (Command Center, Hatchery or Nexus) and by the construction of production buildings. Primary buildings will grant 25 supply while production buildings will grant 10. As a player's production capability grows, so will their supply and players are strongly encouraged to expand in order to raise their supply cap.



smart creep

Spreading creep is essential to Zerg victory but can be overwhelming to manage as a less experienced or slower player. Axiom features a smart creep system, in which creep tumors will spread automatically in a logical way across the map, after a player has manually placed their first using a queen.

Smart creep can be turned off if a player chooses to and the spread will be slower. However, the speed can be increased by deploying Overlords near the edge of the creep, which provide a passive aura, boosting the speed of creep tumor spread.

Repurposed supply buildings


Since supply is no longer tied to supply depots, overlords and pylons, we have altered the role.

  • Pylons still provide their role as power for Protoss buildings and locations for warp-ins, but gain a large radius bonus by being placed adjacent to a Nexus, meaning a large base can be powered by just a couple of pylons if properly designed.
  • Overlords continue to serve their role as scouts and aerial transports, but now also provide an aura to boost the speed at which creep spreads, encouraging players to carefully place their overlords around the map and protect them from enemy fire.
  • Supply depots are now "auto-walls", which are cheaper to produce and will automatically raise and lower for friendly passage but not allow enemy units through. These are now purely defensive buildings to protect against melee units and enemy scouting.



tougher units, longer fights


Axiom doubles the health of units across the board, with a goal to provide more time for players to react to fights and less situations in which an army is ambushed and wiped out in second by powerful AOE units. Fights now last longer and give more opportunities for players to control and maneuver, as well as bring in reinforcements. This also has the effect of reducing the devastating nature of early game harassment.


Free workers


Axiom automatically builds workers at a steady rate, up to the usual saturation point of a base. Additional workers can be built if the player chooses and primary command buildings provide 4 workers for free upon completion. The destruction of workers will still massively impact a players income, but losing a mineral line is no longer the death sentence it so often once was.



play the same maps as the pros


Axiom will use a regularly updated, smaller pool of 3 maps. Every season we will choose the 3 most balanced maps in the season's pool for our rotation. Players can choose any of these maps to create a lobby in. If you see a strategy in a competitive match from a pro-gamer, you can try it yourself in Axiom and see how it works out.